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    With gas prices at an all time high, you need to arm yourself with these helpful money saving tips.  Ignoring them means less money at the end of the day for you to use on other life necessities.  Here’s 15 tips to get you the most bang for your hard earned buck:

    Car Maintenance

    1.  Keep your tires properly inflated.  This will save you a good amount because under and overinflated tires will not only waste fuel, it will also wear out your tread faster.  Also, check your tires regularly for balance and alignment.

    2. Do regular tuneups and follow through with routine maintenance.  A well-tuned engine burns less gas and will save you good money.

    3. Remove unused junk from your trunk.  The junk only adds weight to your vehicle which in turn will burn more fuel.  Ever extra 250 pounds will cause you to lose one mile per gallon in fuel economy.  Carry only the stuff you really need.

    4. Make sure your gas cap is secure and tight.  If it won’t secure and tighten up properly, buy a new one.  Gas could evaporate otherwise.

    Buying Gas

    5. Buy the lowest octane (grade) that your vehicle can handle.  As long as your engine doesn’t knock or ping you are fine.  Check with your owner’s manual.  You can save hundreds per year.  Buying higher grades simply does not make sense – it won’t extend the life of your car.

    6. Pay cash at gas stations that charge you extra for using credit cards.  Some stations charge as high as 3% on top of your purchase!

    7. Do not top off your gas tank.  It will spill and seep out.  Save your pennies.


    8. Drive smart.  Avoid sudden stops and starts.  Doing so will over exert your engine and will burn more fuel – not to mention your cash.  Avoid revving your engine, it wastes fuel too.

    9. Don’t speed!  Driving faster will burn more gas.  Driving at 55 mph rather than 65 mph can improve your fuel economy by two miles per gallon.  This will surely add up.

    10. Avoid long warm-ups.  Your car doesn’t need more than a minute to get ready.  The longer you let it warm up, the more gasoline you will be burning.

    11. Plan your errands and trips to use the most efficient route.  You’ll not only save gas, you’ll save time.

    12. Try to keep your foot off the brakes as the slightest pressure will put on more drag for your car causing you to use more fuel.  It will also wear out your breaks sooner.

    13. Turn off the air-conditioning when in stop and start traffic.  When on the highway at high speeds, close your windows and only turn it on if you really need it.  Having the windows closed at high speeds will produce less drag on your car and save you money.  Air-conditioning will lower your fuel economy by 10 to 20%.

    Other Good Tips

    14. Remove snow tires in the summer driving season.  Winter tires are heavier and has deeper tread which will cause you to use more fuel.

    15. When buying a new car, look for fuel efficient models.  At these fuel prices, you’ll only look stupid for buying a gas-guzzler.  Also keep in mind that sun-roofs will increase your fuel consumption.

    I hope these tips will help you save some money during these trying times.  If you have other tips, please by all means add them to the comments area.  Any tried and true tips will be most helpful.  Remember to share it with everyone.  They will appreciate it.

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    • This is good it should be posted al over the place
      also th internet.
      I’ll be sending it to all my family and friends.
      thank you

    • another tip or two I have, I was told to get gas early morning, before alot of traffic has gone thru, gas will be settled and wont be as likely to evaporate as your pumping and also to pump slow. putting it in to fast also causes evaporation.

    • I was told that some stations have their pumps fixed so it records more being disbursed than actually is. An easy way to check this is to stop the pumps at 10 gal. and check the price. Everyone wants to get his money’s worth with the cost of gas these days!!

    • nice tips i can really save my money to buy gas like this situation the gas is going higher and higher. like here in our place every week the gas is increasing for P1.50. tnx u so much.

    • EXCUSE ME, for Maken THIS Kind of “Suggestion!” BUT, the BEST way to SAVE on Gas IS, to: WALK! I THINK,Ppl in, General, GET “REAL!” GOOD Mileage!-MIGHT “EVEN” “HELP!” “U” “SAVE!” on Future Hospita; Bills!

    • these are not really tips, they are common sense. Tell me how when I go to put gas in my car and all I get is 3.8 gallons when I paid 20 bucks I can aviod having to pay that..only thing is gas prices are just to high! walking is your best bet if you really want to save fuel!

    • those of u suggesting walking,can u walk to ur place of work,back home,grocery stores,mall,church n a whole lot of other places,just to save money on gas only to spend it on pain pills.think about it……those tips are useful.

    • Why is it that there always has to be person or persons that feel they have throw in some negative comment, where the whole idea of this message is to help! It just makes no sense or is it done only to hear themselves complain?

    • For every gallon gas you can add one liter water.
      It makes more space on the roads.
      I would never do that myself.

    • thank you very much for the info
      I have a sunroof I’m glad I do now this is a lot of help
      will pass this on

    • Don’t get gas while the tanker truck is delivering. Filling the burried tanks roils up what is down the bottom, and you may get contamination in with the gas.

    • I didn’t know not to get gas when the main tanks are being filled up!! That’s a good thing to know! Thank you!!

    • Many people who claim walking is cheaper usually don’t consider the cost of additional food need to supply the extra energy used and the additional time consumed. Plus if you are walking a mile carring two bag of groceries you had better be in petty good health.

    • If walking is a problem for some, try cycling and its good during the summer. As said by some, it helps you to keep fit and minimum medicinal bills. What about Diesel Vehicles? But these prices may differ from place to place.
      Ultimately, these comments and suggestions are relative. One should choose what is best for them. Its like looking at a glass which is Half Full or Half Empty. All in All Enjoy in what you like to do and suits you. You are UNIQUE

    • Great News! New Vechicles which run on Battery Charging n Gas. Also in the pipe line, vechicles to run on Air.
      Keep Tuned

    • It’s my understanding that if you fill the tank, you get better gas mileage than if you just put a lesser amount in.

    • fill your tank till the pump clicks off the first time, and do not put anymore in as it will just eveaporate. Keep your tires inflated to the presure recomended by the tire manufacturer not the cars recomoends, the car companies want a nice soft ride, harer tires equal better gas milage. Keep the car clean too. less friction going through the air.

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