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    There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 which means your body does not produce any insulin and type 2 which means your body does not produce enough insulin or does not use the insulin properly. The most common type is Type 2. This type can be caused by: stress, inadequate exercise and a poor diet. This type is covered in this How To. Unfortunately, Type 1 cannot be prevented. It is impossible to prevent it, as it occurs naturally in some people’s bodies.

    Diabetes is when the pancreas, which creates insulin, stops working or your cells stop utilizing insulin created. Insulin is a hormone which lets sugar from your blood into the parts of your body which require it. When this vital hormone is missing or your cells cannot absorb insulin properly, sugar builds up in your blood, which causes you to get ill.
    Some people require an injection of insulin to control the sugar, while others need a tablet or just diet and exercise. Everyone with diabetes needs to have a healthy diet – and this is also what helps goes a long way to help prevent the occurrence of Type 2 diabetes.


    1. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise nearly every day. For example walking around your neighborhood each day is a good idea. The key is to use large muscle groups. You could also try going to the gym a couple of times a week.
    2. Eat a balanced diet. Eat a little from each food group, and not too much of the bad stuff – like sugar, salt and fat.
    3. Watch the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Your doctor or dietitian can give you a diet plan with the amount of carbohydrate, protein and fat you need each day. Follow their advice, and avoid fad diets which will only cause more trouble.
    4. Drink plenty of water, because your body needs water. Water is better than any other drink. Water also fills you up so your desire to eat decreases. Drink water with your food, eat slowly and you will prevent overeating. There are now “Plates for eating slowly that keep food warm; they need only one minute preheating in the microwave, remain still hot after 30 minutes and can be handled safely with the bare hands by the rim which does not get hot.
    5. Maintain a healthy weight by eating healthful foods and avoiding junk food. Eating slowly helps prevent overeating by getting you satisfied with less food. Our sensor in the brain (In the hypothalamus) needs about 20 minutes to get the satiety signal; we can get full, even bloated and continue eating because we still feel hungry. Slow down.
    6. Do not smoke or take drugs (Alcohol is a legal drug).
    7. Never get pressured into anything and never get stressed. Only a few times you can get stressed
    8. Eat slowly to avoid overeating; there are now ceramic plates that keep food warm, Google them. Our sensor in the brain (In the hypothalamus) needs about 20 minutes to get the satiety signal. If you eat fast you will overeat and the excess food will be stored as fat.


    • Recent research found that grapefruit can be extremely helpful in fighting obesity and preventing type 2 diabetes. Source: Diabetes Diabetes And Diabetic Diet Articles
    • Eating slowly is important to avoid overeating and obesity since our “sensor” in the brain (in the hypothalamus) needs about 20 minutes to get the satiety signal; if you eat fast you will get full, even bloated and still feel hungry.

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    • FYI Try a grapefruit addition to what you already eat. Have something to eat today – it improves your brain function. Use your stretch bands for your large group muscle exercise. You can lie down on the bed and put on your foot (right leg) and pull up with your arm for your quads etc. Don’t forget to do something, even if your sitting at the computer. LL


    • Wow what useful advice. I thought I knew what caused diabetes, but obviously not….good advice about the swimming….Thanks

    • I am type 2 I am worried that it will turn worse I am taking metforming and my muscles began to hurt Please can you help

    • Have had type 2 for ten years and am totally in denial. I hope the tips above will help me face the facts.

    • Sip on lemon water throughout the day and with meals. Or you can sip on lime water. Just a few table spoons in a glass of water and sip on it with meals and throughout the day. Lemons ad Limes have an alkaline affect on the body and helps put the body back into an alkaline mode which is a natural healthy ph balance for your body and causes your body to burn fat 24/7. Adding more and more alkaline foods to your diet will reset your body from being acid (which is what most diabetics and cancer patients are acid) back to alkaline which is a healthy ph balance for your body. Drinking lemon or lime water or lemon and lime water, will taste a little bitter but it is extremely healthy for you. It improves your skin, eyes, heart, brain and does a lot of healthy things for your body.

    • I have been an insulin-depoendant diabetic since I was 16 and shortly after a major car accident which put me in the hospital. My pancreas may have been injured along with most other body parts as a result of that accident. In those early days, I took insulin by injection and did that for many years. Fortunately, I soon learned how to gauge my blood sugar levels with the correct amount of insulin and carbohydrates from food which I ate. Unfortunately, as time passed, my need for insulin kept increasing as it does today, no matter how well I gauge my food consumption, take exercise and inject insulin. For many years I simply tested my blood sugar via urine then came an insulin pump and better methods of gauging my blood sugar levels. Now I use an insulin pump and adjust my insulin injected by my pump to account for my blood sugar levels and the amount of carbohydrates in all the food I plan to eat. While doing all those calculations for carbohydrates in the food I am about to eat, I have very clearly benefitted greatly for these efforts. I am now 71 and in perfect health regardless of my diabetes. I now expect to live beyond 110 and thereby become the oldest living insulin-dependent diabetic in our good and great world. Incidently, I also am careful about eating to also keep my weight at the “skinny” level.If I can do it, every diabetic can do it. Charles Stevens

    • My son cured himself of type 2 diabetes and you can too! By diet of watching the number of carbs he ate and joining a gym (with his brother); he lost a total of 83 pounds. He no longer has the diabetes and no longer takes medication for it. Follow diet & exercise and good luck to you. :o)

    • Knowledge is power, so all of these tips about Diabetes are great…if you remember to follow them. I lost 51 lbs because I have a fear of needles, and therefore, for all intensive purposes, the Dibetes is “gone”.
      IMPORTANT–PLEASE READ: If you take any prescription medication, please check with your Pharmasist, as GRAPEFRUIT is NOT allowed with some medications,as it will ‘erase’ the effects that the medication is trying to do. I have two medications that say this on the bottle, so please take the time to check, because if your Doctor prescibed something for you, you need it, more than you would need the grapefruit! All the best!!! Cheryl

    • Have the type 2 for more than 10 years now.I keep it under control with walking a full hour 6 days a week,play golf once a week,dance a couple of times a week.Watch what and how much I eat daily.Start my day with a bowl of Cooked oatmeal that I add crunchy peanut butter cinnamon powder and olive oil every morning.Feel good and A1C is in the correct range.

    • I have a very hard time with exercise. On March 16, 2002 I was in a horrible head-on accdient I had multiple broken bones. And I have Arthritis and Diabetes Neuropathy plus Peripheral Neuropatthy. On top of everything else I’m also a Brittle Diabetic. I have no energy or motivation to do anything.

    • I have had the type 2 diabetes since 1981.
      However, I have well controlled the blood sugar level by insulin injection. I still do not know how to control the sugar level by the tablets.
      If possible, I wish to use tablets instead of the injection.
      When I travel for a long distance, I still do not know how to carry the insulin properly without ice.

    • I would like to know who sent me this e=mail. There is no senders name or address and I have never heard of it before. I am also not interested in any further mailings. Thank You, Arlene Freeman

    • Grapefruit is a no no for certain medications being taken for diabetes. Before you start eating it, check with your doctor to make sure it is compatible with your medication. Could be dangerous.

    • Kenneth, get your prescription with the pen and dial up your dosage. The pen does not need refrigeration, just has to be kept with certain temp range. Just follow directions on script.

    • According to a doctor I know in Toronto, cinnamon is not advisable for Blood Type O people. So the individual who has oatmeal with cinnamon on it must not be a Blood Type O person. If you are, avoid cinnamon. If anyone of any blood type would like to have this chart, send me an Email to a@truedemocracy.net and just write Blood Type Foods Chart in the subject line, and I will send it to you.

    • I found the information most helpful. However, The last sentrnces in each step was cut in half lengthwise when I printed it out so I cannot read all of it.

    • It is possible to keep diabetes under control and live normal life.So far the drugs for 100% cure are not found.If someone knows drugs to cure diabetes 100% please share your experience and let me know about it.

    • I have trp 2diabetes.I have a qust for you I need to no what can I do when my blood suger high??I no what to do whan it get to low but not to high.could you email me to let me no what can I do when it get to high.thank you.

    • I am diabetic type one and I was prescribed metformin but there are side effects please check with your doctor n it is reduce your weight. There are other medi to control sugar level in your blood. Water therapy is one good thing to do. First thing in the morning drink about 1.5lt of water ( room temperature ) and wait for about half n hour then only you can have your either tea or coffee. Try it at least one month water therapy prevents many illnesses.

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