Deposit Bonus

Get an additional 100 USDT to boost your trading power!

  • Trade without limits

    The Deposit Bonus is available on ALL Live Accounts!

  • ALL profit is yours

    Withdraw the profit without any restrictions.

  • And the best thing is that the bonus can be withdrawn too!

    Once you’ve performed a certain trading volume the Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn.


How to receive the Deposit Bonus

  • 1

    Pass verification

  • 2

    Deposit your Live Account

  • 3

    Contact one of the Bros from the Support Team and get the Deposit Bonus


The program conditions

1. General provisions

  1. 1.1 Only clients who have access to can participate in the Promo;
  2. 1.2 The minimum deposit required to receive a Bonus depends on the Client’s Live Account currency and is specified in the table below:
  3. Deposit sum

    Bonus sum

    Trading volume required to complete the Bonus (USD)

    USDTBTCETHUSDTBTCETHForex & MetalsCryptocurrenciesStocks&Indices
    100-1990.0035- 0.00750.055-0.1091000.00350.0551 000 000185 000146 000
    200-4990.0075-0.01890.110-0.2742000.00770.1102 000 000370 000292 000
    500+0.0190+0.2753000.01130.1653 000 000555 000438 000
    Deposit sum 100-199
    Bonus sum 100
    Trading volume required to complete

    the Bonus (USD):
    Forex & Metals 1 000 000
    Cryptocurrencies 185 000
    Stocks&Indices 146 000
    Deposit sum 200-499
    Bonus sum 200
    Trading volume required to complete

    the Bonus (USD):
    Forex & Metals 2 000 000
    Cryptocurrencies 370 000
    Stocks&Indices 292 000
    Deposit sum 500+
    Bonus sum 300
    Trading volume required to complete

    the Bonus (USD):
    Forex & Metals 3 000 000
    Cryptocurrencies 555 000
    Stocks&Indices 438 000
  4. 1.3 After making a deposit to the Live Account, the Client has to contact MyBro Support Team at [email protected] to receive the Bonus;
  5. 1.4 The Bonus sum blocks the Deposit sum equal to the Bonus, until the full processing of the Bonus or its cancellation by contacting the Support Team via email;
  6. 1.5 The maximum amount of all active bonuses received by the same Client is 6000 USDT (or their equivalent in the Live Account currency) at a time;
  7. 1.6 The Company has the right to write off the previously issued Bonus and profits earned on it, as well as revoke the positions opened with the use of Bonus funds without giving any reasons and/or advance notice;
  8. 1.7 The bonus cannot be transferred to the Сlient’s another Live Account.