Top 8 Foods to Look & Feel Younger

To keep healthy, strong and younger, in parallelism to age growing, people needs different nutrition. Metabolisms, concentration ability, bone mass, and the endurance against diseases will be dropped in the middle age of 30’s. Some dropping causes are hormonal changes and free radicals attack. And the good news, most of these dropping could be corrected by eating good foods.

In facts, there are so many conditions related to the aging. Obesity, coronary, cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes also related to the foods. The nutritionist said the most effective arm containing hundred of nutrients is food; include antioxidant to avoiding free radical attack influences. These are the great foods and should be consumed to keep strong and healthy.

1. Sardines
Omega-3 fatty acid could help for depression preventing and brain membranes damage attacked by free radical and causing dementia. Fish is the best Omega-3 resource which has low calorie, and high protein content, good calcium and vitamin D resource.

2. Green Tea
In the past, research about the anti cancer strengths of green tea focused to the antioxidant. But the newest research said that the green tea has useful for body system detoxification. Chemical contents inside green tea working to paralyze the carcinogen that increases DNA damage inside cells in the liver.

3. Spinach
This vegetable has folic acid fully, a kind of vitamin B which can help to prevent heart attack. Spinach consists of very high antioxidant and can prevent and/or neurons damage recovery increased by aging. Spinach can also prevent macular degeneration, an eye disease related to aging. It is possible to eat them raw or cooked but eat both are the best way.

4. Broccoli
Eat 7 ~ 10 kinds of fruit and vegetable everyday to keep healthy and delay some aging effects are the best way to do. Some of them and broccoli are superstars. Beside antioxidant, vitamin A and D, broccoli is a good vegetarian calcium resource. And it has isothiocyanate, an anti cancer compounds.

5. Blueberry
The antioxidant strength of this super berry can be indicated by the dark color itself. Blueberry can be connected to the people concentration improvement as well as spinach, and indicates promising to prevent brain degeneration caused by aging.

6. Walnut
It was another omega-3 fatty acid alternative resource. Walnut excelling all kind of bean and can prevent heart disease. The unique antioxidant inside walnut is playing important role for people’s health.

7. Chickpea
Chickpea also called garbanzo bean. It has good fiber resource, maintaining blood glucose levels stabilities and can help to prevent diabetes type 2. Bean chemical contents called saponin which can increase immune system and decrease cholesterol levels.

8. Yogurt
Yogurt is a high calcium and low fat milk product. It could prevent osteoporosis, obesities, hypertension and colon cancer. 2 ~ 3 times non-fat yogurt consumption everyday are the best way.

Article Provided By: UltimateHealthyCare